Post Road Trail

(credit: MMHS)

(credit: MMHS)


The Post Road was an important lifeline for Mennonites of the West Reserve. During night travel or blizzards, travellers easily became disoriented, and risked getting lost because the open prairie had no landmarks to guide them. 

In Мау of 1878 the settlement director (Obervorsteher), Isaak Mueller, sent а letter to all West Reserve village mayors. It called for the marking of а road with posts from Emerson and across the reserve to Mountain City, located several miles southwest of Morden. This road favoured the villages along the way.

Тhе Post Road was the most important route of the West Reserve in its time, allowing farmers to bring their goods to market and come home with other necessities of life. Тhе eastem portion of the Post Road still follows the original route as it was established along the grid system. 

After the government began to make regular roads in the area, these came increasingly into use since they were better maintained. First the small paths were put to the plow, and then most of the Post Road itself was given over to crop production. Ву 1930 virtually all traces of the original Post Road had disappeared completely. 

The Post Road Memorial Trail Tour has twelve memorial sites to mark the general course of the Post Road. Each location is marked with replica posts and an informational lectern highlighting unique features of the locality. For more information on the Post Road Memorial Trail Tour, check out the brochure: Post Road Brochue

Bike Tour

The idea of doing a Post Road Bike Tour originated from a discussion at a WestMenn meeting in early 2019. Originally it was thought of as a ride in which we could bring cyclists out from Winnipeg, but the organizing and logistics proved too difficult given the time frame presented. It was decided to proceed with a group from the ABES (Altona Bike Enthusiast Society) cycling club.

Albert Falk led a 90+ kilometre bicycling tour of the trail on July 20, 2019. His report can be found in the November 2019 edition of Heritage Posting. The group departed Stanley Park, near Morden, and continued in a generally eastward direction through Mountain City, Osterwick, Hochfeld, Reinland, Schoenwiese and Neuhorst, before ending up at Fort Dufferin – quite a distance covered!

(credit: MMHS/MAID)