Members: Andrew Klassen Brown (chair), Albert Falk (secretary), Sean Goerzen (treasurer), Jake E. Peters, John Giesbrecht, Pam Klassen-Dueck, Peter Priess, and Katie Lynch.

The WestMenn Historical Committee is a standing committee of the Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society. Formed in 2014, WestMenn merged the functions of two earlier local history committees.

WestMenn strives to forge partnerships with interested people and groups, and facilitates connections between them when possible. It supports the research, presentation, and publication of West Reserve village histories and other projects it deems of relevant importance.

On occasion, the committee even undertakes a project or two of its own. This includes the annual Post Road Bike Tour, the West Reserve Atlas Project, and village history workshops.


Members: Glen R. Klassen (chair), Ernest N. Braun (secretary), Jacob L. Peters (treasurer), Henry N. Fast, Orlando Hiebert, Harold J. Dyck, Ben D. Funk, and Edward G. Krahn.

Heritage Posting

Members: Graham Schellenberg (editor), Erin Koop Unger (correspondent), Joanne Bergen (correspondent), Andrew Klassen Brown (membership), Bernie and Iris Toews (mailing), and Graeme Unrau (mailing).


Members: Bert Friesen (chair) and Alf Redekopp.

Trails and Monuments

About the Society

We seek to foster an understanding of and respect for the history and beliefs of the Mennonite people in the past and present, and to challenge them to give new expression to this heritage in the future.

Board of Directors

The MMHS is comprised of nine board members from across Manitoba.